• This is replacing 6 benefits/tax credits (currently only paid to single claimants in Sunderland City Council Area)
  • You will need a  building society or credit union account, payments for UC will be paid directly into your account monthly (do you need help with budgeting, please use our contact page and we will get back to you to arrange a face to face appointment or book you on a place on our Money Magic Course (see about page);
  • ​Your rent is included with your UC payment and you will need to make arrangements to pay this direct to your landlord, (please note that if water rates are included in with your rent you will still have to pay this directly to your land lord.)
  • ​You need to claim on line and have a working email address to receive contact about your claim;
  • You will be invited to your local Job Centre to discuss and agree to your claim commitment; 
  • ​You will need to use the Universal Jobmatch system to actively look for work on a regular basis as agreed in your claim commitment or you could be reduced or stopped;
  • You are not eligible to claim UC if you do not live in a relevant area, couples and families/people with disabilities can only claim if they live in a relevant Job Centre Area;
  • If you are not fit for work, but single and been recently been refused ESA, you will need to claim JSA and claim Council Tax Reduction and Housing Benefit from your Local Authority.
  • Please see the government's Universal Credit Journey