• This is replacing Disability Living Allowance for those aged 16 to 64
  • Any one currently receiving Disability Living Allowance (even if you have an indefinite award) will be asked to complete new PIP forms and their disability will be re-assessed using the new rules for PIP;
  • Anyone with a long term disability/illness will have to make a new claim for PIP on 0800 917 2222, hearing impaired 0800 917 7777;
  • Details required to make initial claim:
    • Personal details (name, address,DOB, post code and contact telephone number);
    • national insurance number;
    • GP details;
    • Medical specialist/professionals, seen within the last 12 months;
    • Time spent abroad;
    • Nationality/immigration status;
    • time spent in hospital/residential care;
    • bank account details.

(if not available upon initial claim you have one month to provide this information)

  • The initial applications takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes;
  • You will then receive your form to complete, if you need help please use our contact page and we will call you to make an appointment. (please let us know when your form has to be returned by)
  • PIP has two elements:
    • ​Daily Living for your personal care needs and this has two levels:
      • ​Standard Rate
      • Enhanced Rate
    • Mobility  for your mobility needs and this has two levels:
      • ​Standard Rare
      • Enhanced Rate
  • ​PIP is assessed on your care and mobility needs and not on your medical condition:
    • ​we advise our customers to keep a diary of their daily care and mobility needs to be able to accurately complete the form or use the PIP checker on line;
  • ​You need to have your condition for at least 3 months and expect them to last for at least 9 months, unless you’re terminally ill (you don’t expect to live more than 6 months);
  • ​PIP awards are reviewed at regular intervals.